Virtual Switchboard of P.A Vietnam brings a solution to the medical sector with an advanced voice system that aims to support information processing, provide the best service to customers, and improve efficiency as well as work performance, connecting the hospital with every employee, physician and client.

The system ensures full support functions for customer care and consult information for clients, support staff in the operation of the system quickly, accurately and efficiently.




Communication between departments and branches is totally free

Allow retrieval of the consultant's call history

Schedule appointment Automatically (call script pre-installed)

Schedule a follow-up appointment (automatic call or SMS)

Divert calls to doctors' mobile when they are not in the office

Record the patient's emergency calls, abnormalities and promptly report them to the supervisor directly


No cost for switchboard investment, minimizing operating costs

Increasing credibility & building trust - satisfaction from customers

Increase efficiency in consulting information for customers

Connect the hospital, clinic with every doctor and patient anytime, anywhere

Retain customers, increase sales through professional customer service

Save time and see more patients