Delivery policy


1. Free delivery and return within a radius of 10km (from the sales location of P.A Vietnam Co., Ltd.) applies to individual customers who buy a set of device. Business and organizations buyers purchase from 1 set or more.

2. Shipping Fee by agreement
Apply to customers who are not included in the case 1, which mentioned above. If buyer needs to purchase product (whom live in remote areas or provinces), P.A Vietnam Co., Ltd. will deliver the product to customers in two ways: by automobile or postal lines. And customers will be responsible for payment of the fee. There are 2 payment methods:

+ Option 1:

ustomers can directly transfer shipping fee included with the product to the account of P.A Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Please specify the shipping fee when transferring money). We will call the customer to confirm and send the product right after receiving payment.The bank account name of P.A Vietnam Co., Ltd. has been published in detail on the website:

+ Option 2:

Customers pay postage directly to the automobile when receiving product.

A basic reference price list for the seller and the buyer agree according to the general price of the postage service provider such as: VNPT, Viettel …

3. For orders using a coupon code to purchase product, please go to the branches of P.A Vietnam Co., Ltd. to receive. Or you can discuss with the business department about the suitable method of product delivery.